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About Content Factoria 

Why we're a great fit to make your product look good

Photographer by the beach

Christopher Klettermayer

Christopher Klettermayer is a well versed photographer and has been working within the fields of photojournalism and fashion photography for over a decade. He now puts his versatile talent to work for businesses who want a more efficient process for sourcing visual custom content.

Through exclusive access to a streamlined creative production process, Christopher and his colleagues offer a one stop shop for your content needs. Just because your budget isn't huge, your content doesn't need to look like it.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Christopher has access to a summery vibe all year round. Catalunya and the Costa Brava are full of wonderful backdrops to suit your image - endless beaches, hidden coves, waterfalls, harbours and a mediterranean feel. Knowing the hidden gems, we can find the perfect setting for your product!

Christophers portfolio of past works can be seen here.


ISDIN / FIRA Soda / Callisti / Hart Designs / Seiersberg


Vienna / 2022

Paris / 2021

Monheim am Rhein / 2020

Vienna / 2019

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