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The Content Factoria is a collection of photographers and creatives based in Barcelona. We’re masters in our craft, focusing on storytelling, photography and video. As visual storytellers, we’re determined to present your products and brand in the best settings.

CBD drink being held in front of flowers. Colors. Purple.

We offer a wide range of pre-packaged services.
Ranging from simple product photography to extensive productions in service of your brand and image. Simple, quick solutions to fill your social media sites with the content they need.

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A regular...
A woman showing off sunscreen
an influencer using sunscreen on a yacht. beautiful woman. summer.
Fashion shoot by the pool. styling. make up. advertising.

Seiersberg Austria

Marketing Campaign

A fashion shoot by the sea. Evening gown. Dress. Model. Blackbird.


Callisti Fashion

A hand holding a cbd drink in front of purple flowers


Content Images and Videos

a cbd drink in front of palmtrees in sitges


Content Images and Videos